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We believe in using our creative abilities to help people. We are strengthening our ability to reach out to others through visual art in order to make a difference.  Our students create graphic designs for social media posts, posters for the walls and windows of our schools, and video content that promotes various academic and athletic programs in our schools and community. We create positive and informative messaging as a way to foster a more positive climate & culture for our schools and community. Today, strengthening students’ Visual & Digital Literacy is more and more important and is a highly marketable skill.  As ArtMedia students create, design, and make artistic decisions, all in fun and challenging ways, they are building skills that will allow them to compete and lead in the 21st Century.


Integrating Technology


Social Media Posts

Ads and product movies


Real estate

Video Messaging


“Our Passion for creativity & helping others drives us!”

ArtMediaSchools offers students an opportunity to find Passion & Purpose through creative expression.  We are learning to  make a difference & reach out to others through print & social media.

ArtMedia can positively impact your schools climate & culture!  Click on this image for a story.

Student Choice & Voice

Students are encouraged to choose topics they believe to be relevant to their friends and peers.

Promoting Effort!

Students choose a team, club, or cause and showcase the extra effort and grit it takes to participate and excel.

Integrating Technology in a fun and purposeful way is one of the strengths of ArtMediaSchools.

Integrating Technology in a fun and purposeful way is one of the strengths of ArtMediaSchools.

Schatten unter Teamfotos.
Schatten unter Teamfotos.

ESC Region 11 STEAM Carnival 2018

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STEAM is an effort to include Art with STEM. Not to diminish focus on STEM, but to add a visual, creative, artistic component as an effort to create a more whole-brain approach to developing growing minds.

STEAM is an effort to include Art with STEM. Not to diminish focus on STEM, but to add a visual, creative, artistic component as an effort to create a more whole-brain approach to developing growing minds.


                                  an approach to Technology that uses the tools of Art, Media, Technology, Graphic Design & Video Production to create valuable messaging that enhances your school environment. Our Purpose is to use these tools to empower your students with skills to reach out to their peers with positive messaging for your school through print & social media.

A High School Art Teacher for 34 years, I have only recently embraced Digital Media, and I love it. Through trial & error we are developing something I believe is worth sharing with other school districts. My Purpose is to encourage students to use social media and our schools printers to create valuable messaging that promotes being your best self, real communication, even school spirit in ways that splash positive messages throughout the school building and community. 

Educators use terms like “choice & voice” and I believe what we are doing with ArtMedia gives students opportunities to create visually in ways they can impact their school life. We can teach students how to use technology, but then what do we ask them to do with it? ArtMedia provides students with choice, voice, direction and a chance to make a difference.

Click on this graphic to see how ArtMedia works with STEAM, and to see examples.

Schatten unter Teamfotos.

Our Portfolio of work like these social media posts can be seen by clicking on any of the links above.  Examples of posters and video messaging  can be seen below.

Message Poster Gallery

This is a Gallery of some of the Messaging Posters created in the ArtMedia class. High School students really are interested in being real and learning more about themselves and others. Most of these messaging posters were created after classroom discussions about life, to support our purpose of providing meaningful information for the students in our school.

Infographic Gallery

This is a Gallery of Infographics created in the ArtMedia Class. One of my absolute favorite parts about asking students to create infographics is seeing what topics/issues they choose. Really the only stipulation I put on their choice making is that they make every effort to do two things; 1) The topic needs to be relevant to the lives of students in our school, and 2) all of their infographics need to look like we made them (we use images of our students or places in and around our school). Posters can quickly become invisible if left on the wall too long, but they don’t get much of a look at all if the images don’t immediately connect to our students.

Video Messaging Gallery

Here is a small sampling of promotional videos created in the ArtMedia Class. Students choose a sport, organization, or cause they have some connection with. Using apps from Adobe, Sketchbook, and iMovie/FCPX, these videos are carefully crafted and then released on various social media platforms.

As an Adobe Campus Leader, I am part of the Adobe Education Exchange. This includes a year of Creative Suite for free, and a portfolio website that you can check out by clicking on this image.

Presentations & Trainings

  • October 23, 2018  ESC Region 11 STEAM Carnival - Fort Worth, Texas
  • November 6, 2018  “Adobe Spark Post & Page/Intro to Autodesk Sketchbook” - Glen Rose ISD Technology Center
  • January 21, 2019  “Adobe Spark Post & Page” AM & PM Session - Glen Rose ISD Technology Center
  • February 4, 2019  TCEA Convention, San Antonio - “Empowering Your Students to Positively Influence Your School Culture” AM Session

   Making Use of Social Media - “Branding & Promoting Your  

   School” PM Session              

  • February 7, 2019  TCEA Convention, San Antonio - “Developing a PR Graphic Design Program” AM Session
  • February 18, 2019  “Adobe Spark Post & Page” AM & PM Session - Glen Rose ISD Technology Center
  • June 5, 2019  ESC Region 18 West Texas Excellence in Education Conference - “Using Technology to Brand & Promote Your School, Full STEAM Ahead!” - Midland, Texas


so here’s a lot of words, but please read…

So how do you integrate technology in a Purposeful and Impactful way? How do we improve the Visual and Digital Literacy of our students in ways they enjoy and want to participate in? These presentations demonstrate ways your students can explore their own artistic/creative skills to participate and lead the way to positively impacting their school culture & climate. Using mostly free apps from Adobe and Sketchbook, students can use their laptops, tablets, and phones to achieve amazing results in print and on social media to Brand, Message and Promote the great things happening in your school and community. We will also discuss how using Art and Creativity works with STEAM and greatly impacts Visual & Digital Literacy. STEAM is STEM with Art included, which provides a more whole-brain learning environment for your students. As a High School Art Teacher finishing his 34th year in education, I believe I can take some of the mystery out of the “artistic process.”  The apps we are using are not difficult to learn, for students or teachers, and you really can create impressive, very cool graphics.  The students I have worked with like making cool graphics for their friends, their social media, and even their school.  The hidden benefit is they are expanding their creative potential, becoming much more Visually intelligent, and working with apps they don’t have to struggle “forever” to learn. I would love the opportunity to work with you and your students to get you going on this. We will be providing more training at my school in Glen Rose, Texas, and, if feasible, I can come to your school.

Please contact me with any questions.



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